The End of the Style Rut..


I’m coming out of it.

Turns out there is a lot of new stock coming in, which is good for everyone.

Now, I am still obsessed with the whole scarf/grey thing..


C’mon, it’s fabulous, right?

Also, the scarves are so easy..


Did you notice her shoes? Tabitha Simmons, I really like them.


I didn’t like them at first, but now, they are seriously growing on me. They are here, at The Room, so.

I might buy them.

She also does a great flat which I am always looking for, who isn’t?


Also here at The Room.

How about these flats? Get outta here with those green pants and brogues!!

get outta here with those brogues

I am also still dedicated to the ponytail, mostly because it’s easy and I am building a case for it..

Wouldn’t you?

grey and a ponytail

How is your wardrobe coming along? Let me know if we need to discuss it..

I can help you get out of the style rut.