Wednesday Inspo

Weekly Inspiration Blog, for no reason other than to spark your creativity.

Who doesn’t need a mid week shot of creativity?

Inspire your wardrobe.

C+C rolls and broguesThe cuffs with the brogues.

Birds and a big sweater.Inspired by one of my best friends in Venice Beach, being a hippy in birkenstocks and sweater.


C+C belt and boots

C+C hobo turned bucket bagLook, a hobo turned into a bucket bag. Easy.

C+C pants!

C+C stripe


Grey coat Emerson FryYou know how I feel about Emerson Fry. And grey coats.

Emerson FryAlso, I found the perfect rain coat. Emerson Fry

my bikini!!!!!!Speaking of rain coats, I need this bikini. Emerson Fry.

Inspire your world.

folkaboutAnd more art. Less commerce, more Art.

FolkabouthatHow do we do that? Bring more art into your life?


C+C miday napsAnd  more naps. God.

Stylishblogger coffee shots

Can someone please tell me, though, why it’s always with the coffee shots?

Don’t get me wrong, I live on coffee, depend on it, all I do, in fact, is drink coffee.

Still though. Enough.

Maybe I am being cranky.

To recap, More Style. More Art. More Inspiration. Less coffee shots.

Images pulled from lacooletchic, sfgirlbybay, verbeenafloraldesign, emersonfry, stylishblogger.