Wednesday Inspo


If it wasn’t clear before, I have hippy values.

C + C - hippy

My style this summer is very easy.

double denim

This is likely due to the fact that I am half mad with the juggle of work/life and really don’t have the time to make it perfect.

Or the desire to, but that’s another conversation..

So, less perfect hair.


hair 2

This doesn’t mean we should all have crap outfits. There is never a reason for that.

But what if we all just took it easy for a minute?




Find a little space..



We can start getting excited for pre-fall and fall in a few weeks, yes?

Although I will say that Mary Katrantzou is shipping pre-fall..

Which is, very exciting..

Mary_Katrantzou_029_1366 Mary_Katrantzou_006_1366 Mary_Katrantzou_009_1366 Mary_Katrantzou_012_1366

Until then, dress well, take it easy and call me if you need help with your summertime look.