I am paring it down this year, keeping it simple. To that end, I am offering these two services:

Wardrobe Cleanse


I come over and we go through all of it. If it doesn’t work, or doesn’t fit, we get rid of it (donate, consign, whichever works). We put outfits together, we pin for alterations and we make a list of what’s missing. We talk about what fits you, what your life looks like and how you want to dress for it. We talk about, and plan for your best looks. We have a ball.

Personal Shopping

We take your list, and get it done.

  • Personal shopping at Nordstrom Vancouver is complimentary. Each appointment typically takes anywhere from 2-3 hours, depending on how much you want and need.
  • Personal shopping outside of Nordstrom is on an hourly basis – $85 / Hour.