Jessie’s Rules

Allow me to begin simply with a few hard rules. If you take issue with rules in general perhaps you can think of these as strong suggestions, or recommendations, whatever you do just follow them.

1.The length of your pants. Seriously, this one is important, and sadly, not many people abide by this rule, I just don’t get it. Your pants should just touch the floor, and there should be a small break at the front of the leg. This is true for both flats and heels, which leads me to another rule
2.Don’t wear heels if your pants are hemmed for flats. Please don’t do it, I personally feel that there is a real problem with to-short-pants, and in order to really follow this rule you will have to have pants for heels, and pants for flats. Just the way it is.
3.Your bag. A bag can make or break an outfit, this is true for most accessories, and bags have the biggest impact. You will have to go for it with the bag, an investment well worth it. A great bag can make any outfit fabulous.
4.Shoes, Sunglasses, Belt, Coat, Hair.  The finishing’s, if you will, like a bag, these things can make or break an outfit. I don’t know how else to say explain it. Picture an impeccably dressed woman, with fabulous hair, walking down the street in scuffed cheap shoes and the wrong bag. See what I mean?
5.Spend the money on the right jeans. The reality is, we wear jeans all the time. Therefore, your jeans should fit and flatter you. This can be harder than you think, jeans can be like bathing suits, and they take time and patience to find the right pair. Call me and I will help you find them, once you find them, remember the style and brand, that is valuable information.
6.Dress appropriately for you age. Once you know, and are comfortable with, your own style this is less of a challenge. There is really no reason to look like everyone else, if a wide belt and high waisted skirt doesn’t flatter you, don’t wear it. I feel really strongly about this, actually I feel very strongly about all these rules. You don’t have to dress like a woman in her 20’s to be stylish. That being said, just because you’re in your early 40’s doesn’t mean it has to be all Banana Republic, all the time.

Call me, make an appointment and we can discuss all this. I will go into further detail, for example, what kind of bag is right for you, and capris vs shorts, and best jeans styles etc., in future blogs. For now, I thought my first blog should cover the basics, the most important ones. Is it weird to say, thank-you for visiting my blog? Because I mean it, thank-you.

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