The Single Girl’s Dating Wardrobe

I am married, I love being married, and most nights you can find me at home with my sweet husband and our dog doing something entirely domestic, like knitting, or watching a movie and eating too much popcorn. This is all great and wonderful and peaceful and stuff, however I will tell you what I miss about dating. The outfits.

I love date outfits. To be perfectly honest, I think the dates are more about the outfits and less about the guy (or girl). It’s about the lipstick, the new shoes, the fabulous underwear.

I bring this up because one of my dear friends is dating up a storm this summer and she is at a loss at what to wear. Last weekend’s date saw her in her in jeans and a sweatshirt, cute and comfortable yes, but really?

She asked me for a little help, so here we go, date rules:

  • Jeans, yes, wear them, but they should be flattering and cute. Fitted. Not ‘comfortable’ like sweat pants comfortable.


  • Comfortable jeans and t-shirts are okay, really, I wear them all the time, but do your hair and make-up.


  • Dresses? Love them, so easy to wear and quite perfect for a day/evening date.




  • If your going out and your stumped, keep it simple. Skinny jeans, a tank top and heels.


I tend to err on the side of a simple and clean look, you can never go wrong with that. Remember that hair and make-up go a long way so start with that, and if you are completely stumped call me and we will put together some fabulous outfits.

Images provided by Asos.

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Assuming that all the brides have their dresses, we now have to focus on us, specifically me, and what am I going to wear to all the weddings this summer. As I mentioned, I am a complete wedding junkie and I am thrilled to be able to go to so many weddings this year. I thought if I posted what I am wearing, or at least what I am thinking about wearing, it may serve to inspire you in your wedding wear choices.

A word of advice, before you go buy a last minute sundress that you don’t really like and will never wear again, consider your options. What do you already have? What will you wear again?

Option A – For example, how great is this skirt? I realize it is hot, and I may faint of heat stroke, but imagine how little I care. I looove this skirt, I am going to wear it all through the fall. The skirt and top are both from one of my favourites Jonathan and Olivia.

Surface to Air


Skirt – Opening Ceremony

Top – Surface to Air

Shoes – A pair I found at Nordstrom last year and have gotten so much wear out of, simple black heels, love.

Option B – Vintage, I am crazy about the feather pattern, are you kidding me? Love it. Here’s the thing, even if you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter, I love it, and ugly is the new cool.



Dress – Vintage, came from a girlfriend, an outstanding girlfriend.

Shoes – Same as above, a Nordstrom find. To be honest I am not crazy about them, I think I gotta find another pair..

Option C – Vintage, I love vintage, I love how inexpensive it is, I love that I can alter it to fit me exactly, and I love that it has a history. Plus I kinda feel all righteous because my carbon footprint is smaller in this dress.



Dress – Vintage  from rock n’ rose in Portland.

Shoes – Chie Mihara.

Option D – Phillip Lim, if it is sweltering, which it may be, I will still wear Option A because I am just like that, but in the interest of showing you some other options.. The only thing about this one is that it may be too short, inappropriate if you will. However, to quote my husband when I comment on his hair, ‘if it’s too long, your too old’.


Dress – Phillip Lim.

Shoes – Chie Mihara.

A word about these pictures, it is hot, as you know, and because I decided that I wanted to take them ‘right now’ my sweet husband agreed to try his hand at photography in the parking garage of our building. The interior of the parking garage is hotter than it is outside, it defies logic, I know, but that’s the truth. Any lack of professionalism in the shots is due to fact that Ben, my sweet husband, is not a professional and we were both too hot to really care. I hope you understand.