Style Rut

Here’s the thing.

I am a little stuck.

A year of pregnancy and maternity leave will do that to you.. Or me, as it were.

I can dress other people. I can tell what will look amazing on you in a second. It’s so easy.

But when it comes to my style, I am stuck. This is what I look like almost everyday.

what I look like everyday

Except, of course, I have brown hair. I am also not crazy about those boots..

It’s that or all black – which can be a little boring.

So, in an attempt to get unstuck I will show you little style inspirations, and online shopping ideas.

I mean, if I was unstuck this is what I would do..

black coat


I would wear colour! And maybe even these shoes.

oversized sweaterrrr

I already wear big sweaters aaaaall the time, so that would just continue.

sweater and shirtlayersBrown shoes, I would do it if I was unstuck, for sure.

braceletsAnd bracelets.

zara stripes

And more stripes. I wear stripes when I am stuck too..

I would also really like to encourage people to do a bit of a make under..

make under hair and makeup

Less perfect hair, less perfect makeup.

Don’t you think?

Less smoke and mirrors, but more style.

Let me know if you want to talk about your style, I would love to.


What I wanted to do was write a blog on cocktail and holiday party wear.

I even did a tiny, very small, no big deal interview about this very topic..

BTW (for those of you who know us) doesn’t Serena look wicked?!

Thing is, I just can’t pull myself away from all the comfortable clothes..

coats and bags

See what I mean?

So rather than talk parties, I am going to post looks I love this week.

We can discuss dresses and leather pants later.

winter coats

cream winter jackettumblr_nbhu0650121s3e8p9o1_1280

Incidentally you can buy this very sweater at Zara right now.

If you do buy it, you could also wear it with leather pants, you can wear anything with leather pants, almost.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.46.31 AMAlso?

It’s still about comfort shoes.

black and white nike

stan smiths

How about that? Still heavily represented for Spring 15 so, if you haven’t already, pick some up.

OK, so, do you want to see one holiday party outfit?

Blazer. Skinny pants. Heels and Fringe. Except this would be better with leather pants.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.50.15 AM

Keep it simple guys..

Always keep it simple.

Images from La Cool et Chic, Net A Porter, Camp Comfort.